Uma's Piano Lessons

Professional Piano Lessons in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA

About Me

Growing up in musical family, I started playing piano and studying musical grammar and theory at age of 5. There was always music in our house. My father use to be a drummer at the jazz band and a singer. My older brother and I were engaged with music since our childhood. Hearing so many different types of music helped me to learn to appraise all basic aspects of my own playing every day. I also know that my brother’s achievements motivated me to get hold of a custom of daily practice for a minimum of four hours. And I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t change my musical “at-home” and school years for anything in the world. My study was based on a Moscow traditional musical school. That included large array of subjects in piano performance, composition and theory, solfeggio, world music, and music history. It was just brilliant academic work which has given me this great education and its traditions.  Russian piano school traditions carry on from one generation to another, from teachers to their students. Throughout my educational journey, I took lessons with the greatest piano instructors as Rano Fakhrieva (Moscow), Valeriy Orlov (Dushanbe), Valeriy Shkarupa (master class) and others.

I played in large concert halls in Dushanbe, Tajikistan (Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre and others), made several recordings for radio and television. I participated and was a prize winner in several international piano competitions in Small Hall in Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (Russia), Suzdal (Russia), Amsterdam Concertgebouw Recital Hall (Netherlands), Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall (Poland). There was required repertoire that I presented for each of the above concert and competition. It consisted of piano works by a Baroque composer, one Chopin etude, one sonata by a Classical composer, one work or group of works by Chopin, Brahms, or Schumann. But as a human being, I do have some favorite piano pieces that I still love playing and listening to. They all relate to romantic period composers as Chopin, List, Schumann, and Rachmaninoff. Currently, I perform on a different stages and events in New York, USA.

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